FREE Wild Card

We have an interesting story about how this section began.

Everyone who is associated with the "Get Island" show knows that we are extremely proud of our first rule that everyone who wants to be a member can be a member and contestant on the "Get Island" game and on the show through the Mobcaster independent market for TV content!

Free Wild CardWe have learned a great deal from the people who have emailed us and want to be part of the pre-production process through Mobcaster. One man sent us an email saying that our statement is not 100% true about anyone being able to participate. As he understands it, only people who pledge a small amount of money can be part of the community, and he actually has no money, but he still wants to be part of the show, and he can’t be part of the show.

We have thought about his message as we do about all the messages that come in from our TV show community, and we have agreed with him that in the end he also has the right to participate, too. So we have rethought the regulations, and we tried to find solutions for people like him inside the existing rules without requiring any changes to them.

As everyone knows, we have a Wild Card inside our set of cards, and a wild card enables that someone at any moment can be invited to join the reality show as a contestant.

Because of his reasonable request, we have started a "FREE Wild Card" public section. We have stated that everyone who can legally by law promote the "Get Island" show and can send to us a video about that promotion will receive a "Public Wild Card." They will also receive the "Get Island PRO" game version totally FREE (without pledging any money for community support or for the show), and they will be accepted as a contestant.

Our first rule that everyone who wants to be a member can be a member is truly a rock-solid reality, even if he or she has no money!

Entering for the FREE Wild Card is easy and fun:
1. Take a video of your "Get Island" promotion (use a link to upload your video).
2. Please support us, tell your friends, upload videos on Facebook, Twitter, your favorite forum, or popular local news website.
3. Submit FREE Wild Card Application form HERE.

That’s all.

  • Check out our news section and videos from other people. Be sure to note that your video must be entirely original and not used by anyone else.
  • Do NOT send to us your videos as attachments as the system will reject the emails automatically. Upload your video on the Web using and then send to us the link for your downloaded video only.

If your FREE Wild Card request is accepted, you will be informed through email, and your video will be published by the News section.

See other FREE Wild Card entries in the news section.