The "Get Island" reality show format is like the concept presented below. The "Get Island" concept is very basic in nature and uses tribes and cards as two main tools that exert a controlling factor over the whole reality game show.
Rules are simple enough to be played by a six-year-old child. Tasks are received from cards with card actions that consist of real life challenges to show problem-solving, endurance, strength, resourcefulness, intelligence and any other positive characteristic. That's all in short. And everyone is "Get Island Game-Ready" in seconds.

The simple rules of the game and the ease of control are clearly detailed by following the "Get Island" game format information below.

The reality show will put together 30 strangers on a small unknown island location. Contestants will be divided into two to three teams usually called tribes. Each tribe must build themselves essential living shelters from natural resources to be able to survive.
The tribes will complete regularly in tasks to win rewards or immunity. The tasks are received from cards. In the first stage of the game to find the island, the cards will have symbols on them, and instructions will be distributed to contestants through the cards. In the second stage when contestants are on the island physically, locating cards will continue to be the main source of information and knowledge about the island. Contestants' roles, powers and any other information will be written on the bottom of the cards. Contestants will find that the game will be easier to win if they cooperate and take advantage of these special powers and information.
  • The player chosen as the Island Owner will receive the ownership of the island (with all sales taxes paid).
  • The 2nd ranked player will have a "wild card" invitation to be a member of the cast for the next year "Get Island" reality TV show and another chance to win.
  • The final five contestants, from the 2nd to the 5th position will have the opportunity to compete for a car.
  • All players will receive $10,000 for their appearances on the show.
  • Based on available sponsors, there exist possibilities to win additional rewards by successfully solving tasks and challenges during the duration of the reality TV show.

Reality Show Quick Flow

  • At the start, all contestants receive the same amount of virtual money (investment cards with gold coins).
  • Cards with symbols help contestants in a step-by-step process locate the island.
  • Contestants alone decide the amount of investment they will use in all their own actions.
  • 30 contestants will find the island at the end of stage one.
  • When stage two starts contestants will be transported to the physical island.
  • Contestants will not be equal in investments of their virtual money when they go to the island. As some will have better invested their virtual money and some are worst off for their investments and efforts when they go to the island "physically."
  • Contestants will be divided into two or three teams usually called tribes.
  • Contestants are isolated on the island and will compete within a system of progressive elimination. They will need to correctly detect new card symbols and wisely use their own virtual money for continued investment until a winner of the island is declared.
  • One final contestant will remain, and he or she will become the real owner of the island. The winner gets the island!