For viewers of the reality show "Get Island", the rules are simple. Contestants must find the island in the first stage of the game, then in the second stage when they are physically on the island, they must outplay and outlive each other by avoiding elimination until the finale when TV show viewers will choose the winner by phoning in.

All active contestants are accepted and before starting the game show must agree with these official terms listed here.

The show's contestants and the public can read the official "Get Island" TV Show Rules and terms as follows:
  • Every person over 18 years old have the right to apply and (if the person meets the legal definition) must be accepted as a contestant.
  • Contestants must be proficient in communicating in the English language. Everyone must speak and understand the English language.
  • At the first stage of the game, contestants, who are in their own countries searching for the exact location of the island, will be using the "Get Island PRO" software version, and each contestant will have only three chances to hit the right location of the island.
  • Any type of conspiring to split winnings will result in an immediate elimination from the game.
  • Contestants can expect that killing certain forms of plant or animal life will happen during the game.
  • Any physical violence between players will result in an immediate elimination from the game.
  • Contestants cannot vote for themselves or decline to vote. Contestants must show who they voted for directly into the camera when inside the voting area.
  • Tribe members must not visit the location of another tribe under their own initiative. They may be required to visit another tribe as part of a game challenge or at regular tribal merges between tribes.
  • Contestants are forbidden to visit the TV crew department.
  • If a contestant becomes seriously injured or sick, anyone can call the medical team and help the injured or sick person (including the TV crew members). Contestants can be removed from the game because of health reasons.
  • If contestants decide to quit the contest for any reason because of health or otherwise, they may or may not be called back as this depends on the producers' decision.
  • In a case where one tribe has more players than the other tribe, a tribe must decide which players will be participating in the tribal challenges so that an equal number exists between the tribes.
  • The challenges are usually organized in 3-day cycles: one day for the challenge, one day of rest, and one day for the immunity challenge, but this structure can be changed at any moment too.
  • Contestants may not skip any tribal meetings and cannot refuse to participate in any immunity or reward challenge, except if the game show offers them this option.
  • At the end of show when only two finalists remain, the TV show viewers call in by phone and choose the winner by casting their votes for their choice.
  • Contestants must obey any U.S. laws and any local island laws. Breaking any of these laws will result in an immediate elimination from the game.
  • Contestants are required to sign a multi-page contract which fully details the rules of the game.