“Get Island” is a multi-player video game developed by the GMUnion studio—inspired primarily by the "Get Island" adventure show. In the game, players receive information, have challenges and engage in actions from cards that consist of real life challenges to show abilities for problem-solving, endurance, strength, resourcefulness, intelligence and other positive characteristic to find the hidden island (more details available at Gameplay).

"Get Island FUN" and "Get Island PRO" are software versions.

"Get Island FUN" will be released on August 30, 2013 for the PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Adroid platforms. As the name implies, this is a game version for fun and challenge. People can play the game by pretty much the same rules that exist in the PRO version, but this software is not connected with the "Get Island" reality TV show. Each software license costs $9.99.

The "Get Island PRO" version is a virtual part of the reality TV show. This software is used by the real contestants of the TV show "Get island" and will enable the first 30 contestants, who find the hidden island, to “jump” from the game into the real world or more precisely into the real world on that island. This version will be take place on September 30, 2013. For PC and MAC platforms, this is a fully FREE version. Each contestant will receive the free software version as it is a required tool to compete in the 2013/2014 "Get Island" reality TV game show.

Both "Get Island" software versions are a successful combination of addictive game playing, adventure, comedy styles, and low price.

More details about the "Get Island" video game can be found in the Gameplay and Card Symbols.